Package Metadata


You can now see your readmes in the Packagr app

As of Packagr 1.1.0, it is now possible to view the metadata and readme of a package, by clicking on the info link next to the version name:

Version info button

This wil display all metadata available for a given package:

Package metadata

The description is populated by the value of the long_description variable you specify in your file, and is parsed as Markdown. This makes it convenient for Git repositories that use Markdown syntax such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, and is consistent with PyPI. If your description is in another format, e.g. RST syntax, then you may encounter display issues


You will not be able to see the package metadata for versions uploaded prior to this feature going live (on 11th March, 2019). The package metadata is read at the time of file upload


This feature is still experimental. If there are issues parsing the package metadata on upload, this part of the process may fail silently (The Packagr team will receive a notification of this for debugging purposes). Your packages should still be uploaded correctly, but the metadata may be missing. If you see such issues, please contact support.