Frequently asked questions

How can I get help with Packagr?

The best place to start is the Documentation. This covers the basics of how to get your account created and deploy your first package. For more advanced topics, you can refer to our tutorials page on If you can't find the answer in the documentation, then please contact us at

What should I do if I've found a bug, or have a feature request?

Please contact us directly at - we try to resolve any bugs ASAP. We are actively trying to expand the capacities of Packagr and try to implement as many feature requests as we can without compromising the integrity of the application. You can also refer to our known issues/product roadmap page here

What's your tech stack?

Packagr is actually 5 separate applications, all deployed on Amazon AWS:


The API is a Django application served on Amazon EC2, and provides the main functionality of Packagr. It uses Amazon S3 to secure your packages securely.


The APP is the front end web app of Packagr, and provides a convenient interface for managing your packages and team. It is built in NuxtJS with Vuetify, and is also served by Amazon EC2

The Marketing site is a GoHugo app served on Netflify

The help site is a static site created using Sphinx

The blog site is another static site, created using Vuepress

The three static sites (Marketing, help and blogs) are all hosted on Amazon S3, with HTTPs being provided by AWS CloudFront

How is your billing managed?

We use Stripe to manage payments, and Chargebee to manage subscriptions and invoicing. Packagr itself does not store any customer information other than email addresses.